WordPress plug-in and dashboard cards

We’re happy to get back at you with some great new Bookertools updates.
Here’s a summary of what we’ve added & updated in the most recent version :

1. Link Bookertools with your website through the WordPress plugin

Never enter your showdates to your website again, as you can now use our WordPress plugin.
Configuration is easy and in no time you’ll have added a widget or have added some simple shortcode to your website to automatically display your announced shows.

2. New dashboard items

Want to see the newest shows that were added by you or your team on the Bookertools dashboard?

The new dashboard items below the calendar makes this possible.
Use our click-through functionality to get you to the correct information in less than a second!

3. It’s all in the details

Some smaller updates were made to improve the functionality of Bookertools.
We want your experience with the software to be as good as possible, and will keep on working on that.

4. What you can expect in the next version

We’re working hard on the automatic creation of contracts according to your own templates. It will be possible to generate contracts automatically for each show. Imagine what you will be able to do with all the extra time!

November feature updates

We’ve been working hard on developing new features for Bookertools.
Here’s a summary of what we’ve added & updated in the new version :

Generate a pdf with all show details

Generate, print or download a pdf file with all show details for your bands & their crew.
Note that we’re already working on the next version of this feature to improve layout and features.

Stats everywhere

Everyone loves statistics, right ? We’ve added some basic stats to bands, companies, contacts, press, shows and venues. Specific band-related stats are available now on their edit page in the statistics tab.

Better user rights management

We’ve improved the functionality of the user rights page, enabling or disabling certain features is easy now for admins.
Note that we’ve also enabled the statistics tab for user related data.

A lot of small changes and bugfixes

As always we’ve used your feedback and our experience to crush some bugs and edit some details.