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Booker Tools For Bandmembers

We hope you had a nice summer and/or holiday and are ready for another booking season ! We used this summer to implement a huge update, which will improve your workflow and reduce your emails to bands. How ? Please read along. 1. Booker Tools for Bandmembers : Booker side Communicating with your bands and […]

Summer 2018 – updates

Festival season’s here ! We hope you can celebrate together with your bands or are able to enjoy a well-deserved break ! We’ve made a lot of progress since our last newsletter. We’ve added requested features, changed a lot of nerdy stuff which will make the website faster and are preparing for the band calendar […]

Small updates

1. Many drops make a shower In no particular order, we’ve added the following features: you can add a standard currency to your team, this will be automatically set on every currency field throughout the software an updated financial deal page, adding some minor details to make things clearer bus parking and bus power information […]

Better show finances & payments tracking in Bookertools

1. Keep track of your show payments We’ve added a payment component to the show’s financial tab to keep track of all incoming money per show. As bookers we know how hard it is to keep a good overview of all payments, especially when working in a multi-user team. A smart indicator throughout Bookertools gives […]

WordPress plug-in and dashboard cards

We’re happy to get back at you with some great new Bookertools updates. Here’s a summary of what we’ve added & updated in the most recent version : 1. Link Bookertools with your website through the WordPress plugin Never enter your showdates to your website again, as you can now use our WordPress plugin. Configuration […]

November feature updates

We’ve been working hard on developing new features for Bookertools. Here’s a summary of what we’ve added & updated in the new version : Generate a pdf with all show details Generate, print or download a pdf file with all show details for your bands & their crew. Note that we’re already working on the […]