Booker Tools’ Makeover Is Complete

The end of 2022 is approaching fast. Time to look back on the past year and be ready for the future! 

Booker Tools is ready for the future and assists your booking process now with a new look & feel!

Booker Tools now has a new clean and fresh look.

The new design uses the latest technology to achieve this and has been rewritten to be ready for the future.
We hope you like this new look which has some changes to improve accessibility and make it more mobile-responsive. They’re not significant changes, but they really help present your content in a clear and clean way.

July 2022 update – Scheduled Show Status Changes

We hope you’re doing great during this busy time of the year.

As usual, we keep on improving Booker Tools for you. This time we’ve added the option to schedule show changes. Remembering to announce the show of one of your artists is a thing of the past !

Schedule show status changes

From now on, it is possible to have Booker Tools automatically update your show’s status on a certain date.
Just plan your ‘scheduled show change’ on the show page, fill in the form (see image above) and you’re set. 

This way, you don’t have to remember to announce the shows manually, and can Booker Tools be used to update your website while you’re on the road. We hope this can save you a little time.

May 2022 update

Dear booker,

Hurray! Festival season is approaching, and it’s promising to be busy as ever. As usual, we’ve been adding small changes, to try to reduce your workload. Prefilling the exclusivity component for example, together with other small improvements.

We have added a larger improvement, a different way of looking at your upcoming shows:

Upcoming show kanban board

Kanban what ?

According to Wikipedia, a kanban board visually displays work at various stages of a process using cards to represent work items and columns to represent each stage of the process. Cards are moved from left to right to show progress and to help coordinate teams performing the work. 

As you may have realized, this is an excellent way of displaying your upcoming shows. We have implemented drag & drop functionality for easy status updates too. 

Several other changes

Furthermore, we improved admin/user role switching, the exclusivity component and several bugfixes. 

A list of all changes can always be found on the release notes page on our website.