Booker Tools For Bandmembers

We hope you had a nice summer and/or holiday and are ready for another booking season !
We used this summer to implement a huge update, which will improve your workflow and reduce your emails to bands.

How ? Please read along.

1. Booker Tools for Bandmembers : Booker side

Communicating with your bands and their members can take up a lot of your time. Sending all details to bandmembers before each show, requesting band availability for other shows etc., you know the deal.

To reduce the time needed to forward all information, we have developed Booker Tools for Bandmembers.
In Bookertools we’ve added a members/crew tab on every band page where you can see all bandmembers for that band and invite bandmember to use this timesaving feature.

2. Booker Tools for Bandmembers : Band side

Each band or crewmember with an account can then login to a separate special, mobile friendly, yellow themed website and can (after logging in):

  • get an overview of all upcoming/past shows & appointments in list or calendar view
  • see all show details (except financial) as filled in by the booker in Bookertools
  • see and add appointments to note holidays/general availability to the booker

3. Back to the Booker again…

… you’re the important one, right ?

When selecting a band on the dashboard calendar, we now display shows and the bands’ appointments.
This makes it easier to view the agenda’s of bandmembers and check availability.
When clicking on a date, you can now add an appointment too, which will appear in the bands calendar.

Our aim is to reduce email communication and offer up to date information to bandmembers wherever they are and whenever they want.

Upcoming related features :

  • we’re working on an iOS / Android app for bandmembers with the same functionality, allowing them to see all show details on their phone, even when offline
  • when adding a show, will show you the appointments in the related band calendars, making sure the band is available

Summer 2018 – updates

Festival season’s here ! We hope you can celebrate together with your bands or are able to enjoy a well-deserved break !

We’ve made a lot of progress since our last newsletter.
We’ve added requested features, changed a lot of nerdy stuff which will make the website faster and are preparing for the band calendar integration/app.

Without further ado, here are the updates :

1. Attack of the clones

If you have multiple bands on the same show/festival (great job!), we’ve added a useful feature for you : cloning shows and tours.
This allows you to copy all details from one show/tour to another for a different band. Saving time.

Shows and tours can be cloned through the newly added submenu.
After choosing the band, you’re good to go !

2. Integration with Google Places

Adding details for new venues (and hotels/parkings) can be tedious, copying all details from one resource to Bookertools.
With the added integration of Google Places, that’s a thing of the past.
Just type in the name of the venue, select it from the list and *katching* all information is automatically filled in in the form, saving you time again.

3. The obligated ‘other updates’ part

– added day of week to showdates to avoid incorrect dates
– added the ‘only my shows’ filter to the shows overview page
– added month/year selectors to all date components for quicker date selection
– added country to the show exclusivity component
– started with a team statistics page to track your teams’ performance
– display the exclusivity radius on the show map
– changed the limitation for venues with the same name to city level
– added show prices, timing, cancellation fee and other shortcodes to the show contract template
– solved all date & timing bugs
– crushed some other bugs and added some tiny details

Have a great summer !

Small updates

1. Many drops make a shower

In no particular order, we’ve added the following features:

  • you can add a standard currency to your team, this will be automatically set on every currency field throughout the software
  • an updated financial deal page, adding some minor details to make things clearer
  • bus parking and bus power information on venue pages and show parking, especially useful for tours
  • a remark field to the show parking component so you can specify parking details
  • the option to mark if your band is headliner or not on a show
  • a “year overview” button on the dashboard calendar to quickly see all shows for this year or another
  • the ability to link a company to a contract and add the company-related shortcodes to any contract
  • an updated show production sheet with all necessary show data, easy to print or send along
  • automatic date suggestion on creating a festival show, making the “add show” even quicker
  • the “show only my shows” checkbox to focus on your productions
  • team vat number and contract shortcode for that
  • an updated user rights management
  • exposed tour data through the public api
  • an upgraded WordPress plugin which enables to show announced tours
    … and some smaller details and bugfixes

2. Coming soon

As always we’re curious about your opinion and ideas !

We’ll be working on the following features the next weeks :
– support request / bug reports from within Bookertools
– better styling for smaller screens
– rewrite the login/password pages to prepare for the app
– and a lot of other small changes

The next big update will be the Bookertools app for bookers and bands.

Better show finances & payments tracking in Bookertools

1. Keep track of your show payments

We’ve added a payment component to the show’s financial tab to keep track of all incoming money per show. As bookers we know how hard it is to keep a good overview of all payments, especially when working in a multi-user team.

A smart indicator throughout Bookertools gives you a quick overview of a shows’ status. By comparing the total fee to the payments’ sum, the money icon is colored red (no payments), orange (fee partially paid) or green (total fee completely payed).

2. Two other new features

Booking-, band- and total booking fee are now automatically calculated based on entered information.
Team administrators can now invite new users to join the team

3. What about the contracts from the previous newsletter?

We’re still working hard on the automatic creation of contracts according to your own templates.
This is a tough nut to crack, but we’re almost there, we expect this to be ready Q1 2018.

Behind the screens there have been several updates to Bookertools to prepare this feature, which already have a positive effect on performance and usability.

4. Happy New Year to you all !

We would like to thank you all for the continuous feedback and great collaboration over the past year.
2018 looks bright for Bookertools, and we hope it will be as great for you and your team !

WordPress plug-in and dashboard cards

We’re happy to get back at you with some great new Bookertools updates.
Here’s a summary of what we’ve added & updated in the most recent version :

1. Link Bookertools with your website through the WordPress plugin

Never enter your showdates to your website again, as you can now use our WordPress plugin.
Configuration is easy and in no time you’ll have added a widget or have added some simple shortcode to your website to automatically display your announced shows.

2. New dashboard items

Want to see the newest shows that were added by you or your team on the Bookertools dashboard?

The new dashboard items below the calendar makes this possible.
Use our click-through functionality to get you to the correct information in less than a second!

3. It’s all in the details

Some smaller updates were made to improve the functionality of Bookertools.
We want your experience with the software to be as good as possible, and will keep on working on that.

4. What you can expect in the next version

We’re working hard on the automatic creation of contracts according to your own templates. It will be possible to generate contracts automatically for each show. Imagine what you will be able to do with all the extra time!

November feature updates

We’ve been working hard on developing new features for Bookertools.
Here’s a summary of what we’ve added & updated in the new version :

Generate a pdf with all show details

Generate, print or download a pdf file with all show details for your bands & their crew.
Note that we’re already working on the next version of this feature to improve layout and features.

Stats everywhere

Everyone loves statistics, right ? We’ve added some basic stats to bands, companies, contacts, press, shows and venues. Specific band-related stats are available now on their edit page in the statistics tab.

Better user rights management

We’ve improved the functionality of the user rights page, enabling or disabling certain features is easy now for admins.
Note that we’ve also enabled the statistics tab for user related data.

A lot of small changes and bugfixes

As always we’ve used your feedback and our experience to crush some bugs and edit some details.