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Band website and app manual

Booker Tools for Bands (web) app

To reduce email communication between booker and bandmembers, Booker Tools offers a responsive website for bandmembers :

All website functionality is also available in our Booker Tools for Bands app for Android / iOs, download below:

Get it on Google Play


Booker Tools for Bands is available by invitation only.
Bookers invite bandmembers through the Booker Tools software, and bandmembers receive an invitation email.
With the links and information provided in that email, registration for Booker Tools for Bands is possible.


In Booker Tools for Bands, bandmembers can :

  • via all filled-in details of confirmed or announced shows
  • inform their booker of availability by creating/updating/deleting appointments
  • check other bandmembers’ appointments

Booker Tools for Bands supports bandmembers being in multiple bands.
When more than one band was linked to the bandmembers’ email address, a bandmember can switch between bands in the app/website.

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