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Invite an artist member for the (web) app

To reduce email communication between booker and artist members, Bookertools offers a responsive website for the artist members : https://bands.bookertools.com
This website can display all show details to artist members and offers them a way to add show-blocking appointments, informing the booker of availability.

The same information is available in our Booker Tools for Bands app for Android / iOs, download below:


To invite an artist member to use Bookertools for bands, follow the steps below :

  1. Login to Bookertools and navigate to the artist summary page
  2. Click on the artist you want to add a member for, select the ‘members’ tab
  3. Click the ‘invite member’ button and fill in all details

From this moment, an invitation mail is sent to the artist member, used to complete the profile and set the password.

After account validation, the artist member can:

  • seeing all past and future show details
  • add new appointments
  • change appointments (only the ones created by the same account)
  • see appointments from other artist members and bookers

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