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Create your first template and show contract

Creating a template

Team administrators can create templates for their team through the Team menu > templates > “add template” button.
When creating a template, a title and template type are required.

Choosing “show contract” as the template type will enable this template to be selected on the contract page.
The shortcodes list will change depending on the selected template type.
Clicking on a shortcode will add it to your template text on the position of your current text cursor.

Templates can also have a header and footer, which will get repeated on every page of the documents generated with that template.


Bookertools uses shortcodes in templates to automatically generate content.
The shortcode value [date_now] will be replaced by the current date when a template is getting transformed into a contract, email, etc.
Only shortcodes related to a certain template type will get replaced, contact us if you’re missing a certain shortcode.


A contract can be generated by going to the Business menu> Contracts > “add contract” button.
When creating a contract, a title and template are required, and a related band, contact, or show are optional (but required to have certain shortcodes from the template replaced).

When the contract is created a rendered version of the selected template is shown in pdf format.
The contract can then be downloaded or printed if needed.

If the contract needs to be modified for just this occasion (for general adjustments you would adjust the template) this is possible through the “Customise” tab on the contract’s edit page.
This page has the same functionality as the Template create/edit page, and the contract’s text & shortcodes can be modified to meet the client’s needs.
Setting the contract back to the template default, and thus removing all customization is possible through the “Customise” tab too.

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