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Why can’t we have all data on one page ?

Booker Tools is a database driven application build on relationships between data, which has a lot of advantages.

An example makes this clear :
– A big festival “A” is run by company “B”
– Contacts “C” and “D” are employees of company “B”
– Contact “D” is in a band called”E” and is playing a show on festival “A”

All these relationships are perfectly possible and manageable in Booker Tools.
Entering these relationships in Booker Tools helps maintain overview on the complex real-life situations.

It is impossible for us to predict the exact information you’re about to enter, which makes it impossible for us to create a data entry screen which is fine for every user of the software.
Entering relationships like the example above has to be done in multiple steps.
We are always working on improving the software and making it more efficient though.

Please contact us if you want this matter explained in more details through a (virtual) meeting.

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