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How to copy data from an infohub to Booker Tools?

After you have created an infohub and shared the link with the promotor/show organiser, it’s a matter of time before the infohub will be filled in.

When an infohub is filled in, the promotor/show organiser/person filling in the infohub, can choose to submit the infohub information. Upon doing that, the booker linked to that show will receive an automatic email notification from Booker Tools.

Clicking the link in the email, automatically brings the booker to the Infohub tab for the specific show in Booker Tools.
There all information filled in by the promotor/show organiser can be seen.

This information is not automatically imported in Booker Tools. You might want to add more details to it, or choose not to include certain information in your shows’ data, as this data is shared with the band through our app/web application.

Copying/merging data is easy. Just click the arrow-icon > next to the field you’d like to copy, and the data will automatically filled in in the right fields.

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