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How to create an infohub?

An infohub can be created for the “infohub tab” on any show page.
A show can only have one infohub.

If no infohub exists for a show, the only thing visible on the infohub tab will be a button to create a new infohub.
Once pressed, a popup will open on which you can fill in several basic details :

  • Name of the infohub (pre-filled)
  • Lock date of the infohub
  • Anonymous access to the infohub allowed or not

On the next step, it’s possible to select the questions you have for the receiver/show organiser.
By selecting just the items you need, you prevent an overload of questions/fields to fill in for the receiver of the infohub.

The final step of the infohub creation depends on the anonymous access :

  • if allowed : the final step will show you the link to the infohub, easy to share/copy
  • if not allowed : the final step will let you send invitations to the infohub by entering one or more emailaddresses

After creating, all previously entered settings can be changed.
The infohub is automatically active, but can be disabled earlier if required.

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