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How to share an infohub, and what is the receiver expected to do?

When an infohub for a show has been created, a specific unique link for that infohub can be found on top of the infohub tab on the show page in Booker Tools.

That link can be used to share with the organisation of the show.

If anonymous access to the infohub is enabled, the receiver of the link can view all infohub details when visiting the link.
If anonymous access to the infohub is disabled, the receiver will only be able to access the infohub by using a pincode. This pincode is automatically emailed to the receiver when they are added as a user to the infohub.

Upon visiting the infohub link (and optionally logging in with the pincode) the receiver/show organiser will see a list of fields and details on the show.
These fields can be filled in and saved multiple times until the infohub’s “lock date”. On that date, the infohub won’t be accessible anymore. The locked date can be configured by the booker, and is usually set some days before the show date, to prevent last-minute updates.

The receiver/show organiser filling in the infohub, has two options to save the data :

  • Regulare save
  • Save with a notification to the booker

The booker of the show will receive an automatic email notification of the infohub’s changes if the last option is selected.

In that notification email, there will be a direct link to the filled in fields in Booker Tools, allowing the booker to easily transfer them to the software / band involved.

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