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What is an infohub ?

In Booker Tools, we strive to reduce unnecessary communication. That’s why we have created “infohubs“.

As a booker, you have to pass information from your artists to several people/companies and vice versa.
With our app for artists/bands, we have already reduced the amount of communication from booker to band.
With our infohubs, we reduce the amount of communication between a show organizer and the booking agency.

A Booker Tools user can create an infohub for every show on the Booker Tools platform.
This infohub has a unique link that can be shared with the show organizer.
Before sharing the link, the booker can configure which information that is requested, which people have access to the infohub, and for which period of time.

When the show organizer visits the unique link, they can fill in the required information and add the necessary documents.
In the future, they will be able to find information on the bands on this location too.

Once all information has been filled in, the booker is alerted and can now easily copy the information in Booker Tools, automatically sharing it with the band.
In this way, we hope to reduce repetitive communication once more, and create more time for what matters, helping your artists, growing your agency and focus on what’s important !

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