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iCal integration

What is ICal

ICal (or iCalendar – not to be confused with the Apple Calendar application previously called iCal) is an international standard to exchange calendar data.

In Booker Tools, the ICal format is used to automatically add shows to the calendar application of your choice.

How to generate an ICal link in Booker Tools

In Booker Tools, you can easily generate an ICal link by visiting this page

You can decide for which bands/tours you would like to have the shows in your ICal, and which show statuses should be added to your ICal link.

Once an ICal item has been created, you can see the ICal url by expanding the row.
Copy the link (starting with https://ical.bookertools.com) and proceed to the step below to add the ICal to your calendar application.

How to add an ICal link to your calendar application

subscribe to Calendars on Mac
use iCloud Calendar subscriptions

add someone else’s calendar using a link
note : it might take up to 12 hours for changes to appear

subscribe to a calendar on Outlook.com
note : an update can take more than 24 hours, although updates should happen approximately every 3 hours.

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