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How to link documents to a show ?

Linking documents to a show in Booker Tools is easy and :

  • groups all information on the show page
  • offers the possibility to share the documents with your bands
  • supports both uploaded documents and external links

Link documents through the show page – general tab

To link a document to a show, you can click the ‘+ icon’ on the documents tab.

You can choose to upload a file or add an external link.

Choosing a ‘type of document‘ is important to link the document to the correct section of the show page.

With the checkbox ‘visible for bandmembers‘ you can choose to make the document available for external users through our Booker Tools for Bands iPhone/Android app or web application.

Link documents through the show page – practical / transport / accommodation tab

To quickly link a document to the correct document type, we have added paperclip icons for your convenience.
Clicking those icons opens the ‘add document’ popup with the correct ‘type of document’ selected.

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