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Multiple bands on a show/tour

As a booker, it is always great to have multiple bands from your roster on a show, or on a tour.

In Booker Tools, a show or tour must be created for every band.
If band A and band B have a show on the same location & date, it makes sense that those shows are different in Booker Tools :

  • some data on that show might be only for band A
  • you wouldn’t want any private data for band A to be seen by band B through our app for bands
  • our integration plugin on the website of band A and band B needs to display the show

Of course, we want you to save time and do less administration.
We have implemented a “clone show” to easily copy a show from one band to another.

For a tour this is also possible. As band A might do all shows on a tour and band B might do less.

Our WordPress plugin has the option to group shows which have the same location and date, so your website’s shows section looks correct & clean.
Moreover, it has the option to display the tour name instead of the bands’ names.

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