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Setting a show’s exclusivity

After adding exclusivity to a show, Booker Tools will prevent you and your team members from violating the exclusivity deal.

Exclusivity can be set :

  • by radius
  • by country
  • combining radius and country

all within a certain timeframe.

An example will make things clear :

A band has a show in London with exclusivity timeframe from September 1st 2022 until September 30th 2022.

  • If a radius of 300km is set, Booker Tools will check if new shows within the set timeframe don’t break the radius rule. Shows in Manchester (322km from London) will be allowed.
  • If country exclusivity is set to UK, all other shows in September in the UK will receive a warning.
  • If a radius of 300km is set and country exclusivity is set to UK, Booker Tools will only check for the radius if the new show is in the set country, thus UK.

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