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Account types

In Booker Tools, there are several types of accounts for users :

  • administrator accounts
  • team member accounts
  • band member accounts

Administrator accounts have all rights to the software features.

Team member accounts can access all features, except for the particular “administrator menu” and its content.
They cannot :

  • add, change or delete other team members/administrators
  • view general reports & team statisticss
  • add, change or delete team contract templates
  • add, change or delete items on one of the team lists (genre, functions, festival types, etc.)
  • import excel data into Booker Tools
  • link WordPress websites to Booker Tools

Band member accounts can only access Booker Tools for Bands through the specific website or application for iOs/Android

It is important to note that Booker Tools functionality for both team member- and administrator accounts can be limited by administrators.
By clicking on a username on the “team users page” and navigating to the “rights” tab, specific user rights can be set.
This way it can be made impossible for a certain user to delete items, or change items from other users.

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