Better show finances & payments tracking in Bookertools

1. Keep track of your show payments

We’ve added a payment component to the show’s financial tab to keep track of all incoming money per show. As bookers we know how hard it is to keep a good overview of all payments, especially when working in a multi-user team.

A smart indicator throughout Bookertools gives you a quick overview of a shows’ status. By comparing the total fee to the payments’ sum, the money icon is colored red (no payments), orange (fee partially paid) or green (total fee completely payed).

2. Two other new features

Booking-, band- and total booking fee are now automatically calculated based on entered information.
Team administrators can now invite new users to join the team

3. What about the contracts from the previous newsletter?

We’re still working hard on the automatic creation of contracts according to your own templates.
This is a tough nut to crack, but we’re almost there, we expect this to be ready Q1 2018.

Behind the screens there have been several updates to Bookertools to prepare this feature, which already have a positive effect on performance and usability.

4. Happy New Year to you all !

We would like to thank you all for the continuous feedback and great collaboration over the past year.
2018 looks bright for Bookertools, and we hope it will be as great for you and your team !