Booker Tools For Bandmembers

We hope you had a nice summer and/or holiday and are ready for another booking season !
We used this summer to implement a huge update, which will improve your workflow and reduce your emails to bands.

How ? Please read along.

1. Booker Tools for Bandmembers : Booker side

Communicating with your bands and their members can take up a lot of your time. Sending all details to bandmembers before each show, requesting band availability for other shows etc., you know the deal.

To reduce the time needed to forward all information, we have developed Booker Tools for Bandmembers.
In Bookertools we’ve added a members/crew tab on every band page where you can see all bandmembers for that band and invite bandmember to use this timesaving feature.

2. Booker Tools for Bandmembers : Band side

Each band or crewmember with an account can then login to a separate special, mobile friendly, yellow themed website and can (after logging in):

  • get an overview of all upcoming/past shows & appointments in list or calendar view
  • see all show details (except financial) as filled in by the booker in Bookertools
  • see and add appointments to note holidays/general availability to the booker

3. Back to the Booker again…

… you’re the important one, right ?

When selecting a band on the dashboard calendar, we now display shows and the bands’ appointments.
This makes it easier to view the agenda’s of bandmembers and check availability.
When clicking on a date, you can now add an appointment too, which will appear in the bands calendar.

Our aim is to reduce email communication and offer up to date information to bandmembers wherever they are and whenever they want.

Upcoming related features :

  • we’re working on an iOS / Android app for bandmembers with the same functionality, allowing them to see all show details on their phone, even when offline
  • when adding a show, will show you the appointments in the related band calendars, making sure the band is available