Electronic press kits (EPK) for artists

We start this year by adding yet another missing feature to Booker Tools.

As promised in our previous newsletter, we’ve now added the option to create an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) for each of your artists, easy to share and accessible from our previous major feature: Infohubs.

We hope to reduce your workload a little bit again and let you focus on your business & network a bit more.

An Electronic Press Kit (EPK) can be created from the “EPK” tab on the Booker Tools artist page.

On that tab page, the artist’s biography, music, video, social links, files, and reviews can be added easily.
The link on top of the tab page can be shared and is automatically added to any infohub for that artist.

We hope this will reduce workload and will make your booking life just a bit better!

Below is an example of the EPK page of the fictional band “Dance Dimensions” to demonstrate the functionality.