Expenses, Popups, Ical

Dear booker,

We hope you and your relatives are doing fine during these difficult times. Better times are ahead and the resounding messages of hope and togetherness abound throughout our industry !

Booker Tools development luckily hasn’t been affected, and we have been working hard on some exciting new features and much-needed bugfixes.


The possibility to see the shows of bands in your own calendar application has been requested many times. We’ve listened and we are happy to announce that this feature is live on the platform.

More information on how to set things up can be found here.


Last year we added invoicing, now we are adding the possibility to add expenses. We’re sure this will help you to get a complete financial picture of your project.

Latest improvements

Based on the incredible user feedback we’ve received (thanks again), the following features have been implemented:

  • opening a popup from within another popup e.g. adding a band from the “add show”-popup is now possible
  • the ability to use your team logo in all templates
  • first version of the generated tour roadbook is online
  • + some more little changes and bugfixes

Next up: improved show transport, document uploading and an update for the band app!