Booker Tools infohubs

Presenting Infohubs

When we started Booker Tools, our main goal was to help bookers focus on getting their artists more shows.
This means more time to talk, network, think, etc. and less administrative work.

With our app or ical link for bands/artists, we’ve reduced the standard communication between bookers and bands.
As all information about their shows is available for the invited band members on their phones or on our bands website.

But this was only one part of the communication flow we try to reduce.

When an artist is selected for a show, a lot of information is exchanged between the booker and the people organizing the show.
For an easier flow of this information, we have created infohubs as a part of Booker Tools. 

For each show, an infohub can be created, which can be shared with the promotor by a simple link.
By visiting the link, the promotor can fill in and share all details for that specific show.
Once finished, you can easily merge the filled-in information to Booker Tools. Done with copy-pasting from Excel call sheets!

This is only the beginning.
Right now we’re working on adding the option to share documents through the infohubs.
After that, we’re creating a band profile, to share biography, riders, videos etc. with the promotor.
Slowly extending the infohubs, to be a crucial part of your booking flow, reducing the number of emails.

We hope this makes your booking life just a bit better !

Furthermore, we crushed some bugs and added some minor changes.
More statistics, cloning contracts & invoices, and emailing them to your clients from Booker Tools: all available now.