Small updates

1. Many drops make a shower

In no particular order, we’ve added the following features:

  • you can add a standard currency to your team, this will be automatically set on every currency field throughout the software
  • an updated financial deal page, adding some minor details to make things clearer
  • bus parking and bus power information on venue pages and show parking, especially useful for tours
  • a remark field to the show parking component so you can specify parking details
  • the option to mark if your band is headliner or not on a show
  • a “year overview” button on the dashboard calendar to quickly see all shows for this year or another
  • the ability to link a company to a contract and add the company-related shortcodes to any contract
  • an updated show production sheet with all necessary show data, easy to print or send along
  • automatic date suggestion on creating a festival show, making the “add show” even quicker
  • the “show only my shows” checkbox to focus on your productions
  • team vat number and contract shortcode for that
  • an updated user rights management
  • exposed tour data through the public api
  • an upgraded WordPress plugin which enables to show announced tours
    … and some smaller details and bugfixes

2. Coming soon

As always we’re curious about your opinion and ideas !

We’ll be working on the following features the next weeks :
– support request / bug reports from within Bookertools
– better styling for smaller screens
– rewrite the login/password pages to prepare for the app
– and a lot of other small changes

The next big update will be the Bookertools app for bookers and bands.