Summer 2018 – updates

Festival season’s here ! We hope you can celebrate together with your bands or are able to enjoy a well-deserved break !

We’ve made a lot of progress since our last newsletter.
We’ve added requested features, changed a lot of nerdy stuff which will make the website faster and are preparing for the band calendar integration/app.

Without further ado, here are the updates :

1. Attack of the clones

If you have multiple bands on the same show/festival (great job!), we’ve added a useful feature for you : cloning shows and tours.
This allows you to copy all details from one show/tour to another for a different band. Saving time.

Shows and tours can be cloned through the newly added submenu.
After choosing the band, you’re good to go !

2. Integration with Google Places

Adding details for new venues (and hotels/parkings) can be tedious, copying all details from one resource to Bookertools.
With the added integration of Google Places, that’s a thing of the past.
Just type in the name of the venue, select it from the list and *katching* all information is automatically filled in in the form, saving you time again.

3. The obligated ‘other updates’ part

– added day of week to showdates to avoid incorrect dates
– added the ‘only my shows’ filter to the shows overview page
– added month/year selectors to all date components for quicker date selection
– added country to the show exclusivity component
– started with a team statistics page to track your teams’ performance
– display the exclusivity radius on the show map
– changed the limitation for venues with the same name to city level
– added show prices, timing, cancellation fee and other shortcodes to the show contract template
– solved all date & timing bugs
– crushed some other bugs and added some tiny details

Have a great summer !