January 3rd 2024

  • added artist EPK

November 11th 2023

  • added infohub documents: only for invited users
  • added active/non-active team members

October 11th 2023

  • bugfix: download excel from webapplication for artists
  • bugfix: upload new team logo
  • bugfix: add already existing but disabled item

September 23th 2023

  • started with renaming bands to artists
  • added earnings to tour
  • quickadd artistmember
  • possibility to show negotiating shows on the app/website for artists
  • frontend technology upgrade for improved speed
  • reduce infohub size
  • bugfix: email artistmembers case-insensitive
  • bugfix: infohub

August 28th 2023

  • added earnings, a way to track income from other sources, useful for grants for bands, shows, tours
  • bugfix: infohub

August 26th 2023

  • added infohubs, a new way of communicating with promotors/show organisations
  • added google autocomplete when creating companies

August 13th 2023

  • bugfix: festival page
  • bugfix: adding comments without editing rights

July 7th 2023

  • emailing a contract or invoice to a client is possible from the contract/invoice page now
  • added the option to prevent bands from adding appointments through the web/mobile app for bands
  • bugfix: adding shows from the festival page
  • bugfix: deleting show from band web app

April 18th 2023

  • added additional statistics for bands, shows, users and team
  • linking an invoice to a contract is possible now, as is adding the invoice lines inside the contract
  • bugfix: layout of status dropdownlists

April 11th 2023

  • show related contracts on band page
  • tabviews keeps track of current tab on refresh now
  • adding a license plate to a contact is now possible
  • make it possible to clone or delete a contract from the edit page
  • a related parking can be added to venues, automatically copied to created shows in that venue
  • adjusting incl/excl information text on show financial
  • bugfix: creating a new template sometimes had layout problems
  • bugfix: showing related contact icons

February 28th 2023

  • added show future statistics overview
  • added company types without relation to band,festival,venue,…
  • group show status changes
  • bugfix : prevent festival date autofill on touched show create date

February 17th 2023

  • added shuttle bus dropoff location
  • added hotel parking included checkbox
  • added merch% cut for venue/show
  • bugfix : automatic festival editions
  • bugfix : account registration
  • bugfix : prevent adding show from other band to tour
  • bugfix : only last appointment is added to tour list

January 5th 2023

  • update: Band web frontend update
  • update: showing file fullname on hover
  • update: new knowledgebase
  • repair: app guestlist display

December 20th 2022

  • update: frontend update
  • repair: disable calculation on show financial
  • bugfix: several layout issues
  • bugfix: downloading files

November 25th 2022

  • update: new layout for booker app
  • bugfix: change band booking percentage
  • bugfix: re-add deleted list items

September 8th 2022

  • update: Android / iOS app
  • update: WordPress plugin compatibility
  • bugfix: status changes in users’ timezone
  • bugfix: geolocation

August 9th 2022

  • added territory to team settings for quicker country selection
  • bugfix: made it impossible to schedule show changes in the past

July 6th 2022

  • added genre to press
  • ics added to band show status update mails
  • bugfix: mobile certificates updated

July 1st 2022

  • added feature to schedule show status changes
  • renamed invoice taxing to VAT
  • bugfix: iOS 15 compliance
  • bugfix: html displayed in error messages
  • bugfix: ignore cancelled shows when checking for existing shows on certain date
  • bugfix: loader on login page

June 14th 2022

  • user first/lastname in stead of username
  • bugfix : profile page
  • bugfix : applications page copy key
  • bugfix : filter bug on summary pages

May 14th 2022

  • role switching made possible
  • autofill exclusivity country & date for show
  • bugfix : users without admin rights can delete band members
  • bugfix : contract status component
  • bugfix : most recent shows

May 10th 2022

  • show Kanban board view added
  • bugfix : invoices for contacts can be generated again

April 19th 2022

  • several small improvements and bugfixes

April 9th 2022

  • generated pdf margin and bugfixes
  • open documents in browser if possible in stead of downloading
  • several small improvements and bugfixes

April 7th 2022

  • make it possible to create iCals for tours
  • default reverse date sorting for shows and tours
  • add custom map icons to tour map
  • fix layout bugs

April 4th 2022

  • several minor bugfixes

March 8th 2022

  • appointment status history is available
  • WordPress plugin : filters on tour, country and city added
  • first visit page, some minor bugfixes

February 18th 2022

  • add financial tab to tour page with related show expenses and invoices
  • add soldout checkbox to booker, band websites and apps + WordPress
  • fix bugs with sorting, guestlist clipboard, bandmember invites and grid

February 14th 2022

  • added copy to clipboard functionality to guestlist component
  • added show status to advanced search
  • added contact & email to contact create function
  • fixed booker can be assigned to bands
  • status change invokes additional exclusivity check / reminder
  • better display of contact related shows
  • fixed bugs on timing, excel export and advanced search

February 10th 2022

  • add small datetime picker to dashboard calendar
  • add advanced search filter for ‘booked by’
  • add contract numbers
  • change contract/invoice download name
  • error message improvements
  • fix venue google places bug
  • fix several small other bugs

January 20th 2022

  • better mobile friendly layout for booker web application
  • several bugfixes

November 9th 2021

  • band web application : added Excel export
  • bookers can mark companies as ‘active’/’discontinued’

October 26th 2021

  • updated mobile friendly layout for band web application
  • re-invite bandmembers made easier

September 20th 2021

  • completely rewritten backend with several bugfixes
  • bookers can now upload documents and share with bands

April 29th 2021

  • contracts can be generated for tours
  • fixed several little bugs on the advanced search component

March 29th 2021

  • make it possible to open items in a new window on summary pages
  • fixed a bug when cancelling tours
  • make it possible to upload documents to the show guestlist component

March 20th 2021

  • added reliability filter on the contact summary page
  • made it possible to include financial and booking agent details to the ical feeds
  • fixed a bug on the location page

March 5th 2021

  • added the option to add specific documents to shows which can be shared with the band web app
  • added a show status filter on the show summary page
  • fixed a bug when updating a festival/venue address
  • added other field to band
  • some minor tweaks and bugfixes

October 11th 2020

  • import feature added : import your excel files to have your existing data in Booker Tools
  • exporting advanced search results now include email and website
  • added link to help pages for Ical and WordPress
  • bugfix : timing and other issues on band web application
  • bugfix : better deleting related items

September 8th 2020

  • expanded transport component to cover train, flight, boat and other ways of transport
  • added VAT number to contacts to enable invoices
  • bugfix : allow soring on contract/payment status for shows
  • bugfix : exclusivity zone calculating fix

May 10th 2020

  • add promotor and related company on show add
  • create ICal feeds

April 28th 2020

  • open popups from another popup to speed up data adding
  • use the team logo in contract/invoice templates
  • bugfix : enter new festival with same name but other country/city now possible
  • bugfix : prevent contact talents from being added twice
  • bugfix : automatically refresh hotel/parking dropdown after adding
  • bugfix : file upload on contract page
  • bugfix : add show from tour page, automatically link tour
  • bugfix : contract draft can now change back to status ‘draft’

March 14th 2020

  • bugfix : tour summary until sort
  • bugfix : clone tour no response
  • bugfix : show parking edit/delete bugs
  • bugfix : tour create page displays no error when band is empty
  • update tour shows component when changing tour dates

March 7th 2020

  • bugfix : hotel errors displayed better
  • bugfix : logo couldn’t be uploaded in some situations
  • bugfix : visa couldn’t be selected sometimes on the show payments component
  • bugfix : fixed a document upload bug
  • bugfix : made it possible to sort on name on the contact summary page
  • bugfix : related contacts works with full names now
  • bugfix : not displaying unexisting map locations anymore
  • bugfix : preventing big images from filling the entire workspace
  • bugfix : made it possible to add more than one flight at once
  • bugfix : fixed a layout issue with dropdownlists at the bottom of the page
  • bugfix : add related invoices/expenses from the show page
  • bugfix : hotel reservation detail bug
  • bugfix : prevent adding related contacts/companies twice
  • bugfix : repair the invoice paid button color
  • new feature : expenses
  • first version of tour roadbook available
  • popup size now adjust to content

January 3rd 2020

  • copy paste show timings from emails
  • calendar state is saved now on dashboard
  • calendar is showing tour periods
  • contracts summary split up into signed/unsigned
  • make links clickable in text fields
  • bugifx : number of rows per page could not be edited
  • bugfix : edit bandmember function

November 18th 2019

  • new feature : invoices
  • converted all code to new frontend / backend framework versions
  • table states are saved now for all summary pages
  • added currencies NOK and SEK
  • bugfix : errors on document upload were not displayed
  • bugfix : adding two festivals after eachother doesn’t work
  • bugfix : creating applications with same name
  • bugfix : creating appointment from dashboard is navigating away after save
  • bugfix : dashboard calender is loosing bandfilter when selecting band with no shows
  • bugfix : all dropdownlists are modal now
  • bugfix : related contacts show deleted emailaddresses
  • several small other bugfixes and improvements

August 9th 2019

  • team can now add a general mailaddress for the team
  • when cloning a tour, all shows are now cloned for the new band too
  • added a ‘delete show’ menu item to show ellipsis menu
  • converting the tour shows component to a tour event component (also showing appointments and more)
  • team logo can now be added and used in top bar
  • related companies component added to multiple pages
  • bugfix : no prefilled date in the add appointment popup
  • bugfix : link to a show ticket wasn’t clickable
  • bugfix : zip file upload
  • bugfix : contacts’ mail icon wasn’t opening mail software

July 8th 2019

  • Fee calculations can be inclusive / exclusive
  • Added additional security feature to the app for bands
  • Band app is showing appointment end date in overview
  • bugfix : 24h time format in app for bands
  • bugfix : white text button

June 16th 2019

  • update contract : template required
  • added phone and email to social icons component
  • rename “functions” to “related contacts” for clarity
  • implement lazy loading on tabs to speed up page load
  • show social icons in related company/contacts component
  • bugfix : fixed a bug where every new appointment in the band web app had the status “certain”
  • bugfix : fixed a bug with the color coding of the cancelled events in the appointment overview of band web app
  • bugfix : setting “logging in to the app” as default value when inviting a new bandmember to use the app
  • bugfix : quick add button in sidebar menu
  • bugfix : warnings for show exclusivity were shown behind the create show popup
  • bugfix : where deleted shows where shown in the related shows component
  • bugfix : preselect correct venue on adding related festival from venue page
  • bugfix : social icons where loaded multiple times on init
  • bugfix : popup wasn’t cleared after adding a band/contact/… so when clicking the add button again, the previous data was still there

May 23th 2019

  • solved an issue with the create popups, were not always closing
  • updated the favicon to the new style
  • solved a bug when adding multiple bandmembers to a band after each other

May 16th 2019

  • solved a bug with the recently added shows
  • fixed an incorrect date notation with the [date_now] shortcode
  • added the option to select a show draft from the dashboard/menu quick add
  • hidden the incorrectly working plus icon on the calendar component
  • solving the loading spinner css issue
  • fixing the general location map

May 7th 2019

  • Added ‘quick add’ functionality in the menu
  • Added the ‘reports’ section for team admininstrators
  • Fixed a bug with the automatic mailing in the webjobs
  • Fixed a bug of missing ‘create contact’ popup on the festivals function component
  • Fixed a bug with the sorting of recently added shows

March 14th 2019

  • Added several loaders
  • Added functionality to add multiple shows to a tour at once
  • Support tickets now offer the user an indication of the type of error
  • Extended the financial team statistics for team administrators
  • Fixed a bug with the tour dropdown list
  • Fixed a bug with the show flight component
  • Fixed a bug with the rounding of decimals

February 28th 2019

  • Solved a client specific webjob issue
  • Fixed a bug with the tour show component

February 26th 2019

  • Added explanation about providers throughout the software
  • Added the radius filter to advanced search
  • Added clear indication for required fields in the show activity component
  • Improved the functions component functionality and layout
  • Improved the incorrect password feedback
  • Removed the requirement to fill in a description when adding a payment
  • Fixed a bug in the advanced search for shows
  • Fixed a bug in the advanced search for companies
  • Fixed a bug when deleting a contact
  • Fixed several CSS layout issues
  • Fixed the WordPress integration standard show number